Lab at FISL


FISL (International Free Software Forum) is one of the world’s most important events with a focus on Free and Open Source Software, and the largest in Latin America.

Journalists worldwide interested in learning tools for mapping data can participate in a free webinar.

ICFJ Anywhere is offering the second in a series of webinars, supported by Dow Jones Foundation. This webinar will cover how to use geographical data to create applications with digital maps and will showcase tools that enable journalists to create their own projects. Geodata is a vast source of information for journalists working with environmental, economic and social issues.


Collecting trustful information from people has been over the years one of the most desired outcomes of projects undertaken by NGOs and media. Today, our Lab is proudly launching what we believe can be a contribution to this quest.

Yby is  a new software focused on facilitating organizations to create their own crowd-sourcing platforms. Yby is a collaborative mapping platform. It allows users to draw points, polygons and areas, and associate media content to them.


Environmental news site InfoAmazonia, which pioneered using satellite data for reporting, is adding a new source to its coverage: observations from the ground.

The site will gather and share information from people living and working in the Amazon, including “indigenous communities, researchers, NGOs, students and engaged citizens acting on social media,” said Brazil-based data journalist Gustavo Faleiros, who founded the site. These reports will show how “data from satellites in the sky relates to the reality on the ground.”


Today, we are excited to announce the next EcoHack World, the continuation of our three year mission to bring scientists, journalists, digital storytellers, software engineers, designers, and other hackers into the same room to tackle issues that matter. If you haven’t been before, EcoHack is about using technology to improve and better understand our natural environment, creating things that will have an impact, with no restrictions on how you get there.


Frequent flooding and critically low crop yields are just two of the warning signs of climate change in Indonesia, home to the world’s third-largest tropical rainforest and some of the highest levels of biological diversity on the globe.

To shed light on these crucial issues, data journalists have launched the news site Ekuatorial, which offers the latest environmental news and engaging, easy-to-understand interactive maps of oceans, forests and natural disasters in Indonesia.


In late January, the Lab gave a maps workshop at HackDF, a hackathon promoted by the government of Mexico City. The purpose of the workshop was to show to an audience of journalists, economists, developers and stakeholders how to prepare, build and publish a map on the web, using tools such as QGIS, Mapbox, CartoDB and JEO, a WordPress map publishing platform developed by our Lab.