Collecting trustful information from people has been over the years one of the most desired outcomes of projects undertaken by NGOs and media. Today, our Lab is proudly launching what we believe can be a contribution to this quest.

Yby is  a new software focused on facilitating organizations to create their own crowd-sourcing platforms. Yby is a collaborative mapping platform. It allows users to draw points, polygons and areas, and associate media content to them.



Jeo WordPress Theme acts as a geojournalism platform which allows news organizations, bloggers and NGOs to publish news stories as layers of information on digital maps. With Jeo, creating the interaction between data layers and contextual information is much more intuitive and interactive. The theme is ready for multilingual content and facilitates the publishing tasks.

You can post geotagged stories and create richly designed pages for each one of the featured stories. At same time, by simply inputting the ids of layers hosted on MapBox, you can manage sophisticated maps without losing performance, add legends directly with HTML and set the map parameters. All direct at the WordPress dashboard.

Jeo wants to help journalists and NGOs to improve storytelling with maps. Creating a child theme with all its functionality is easy since it contains all the necessary hooks to customize layouts and data visualization.